Windows to Wonder

I heard a sermon once where the pastor talked about how, particularly when life gets hard, it’s tempting to keep your head down. I knew just what he meant. It's when your own life, with all of its specific challenges and complications becomes like a small room that you live in and you can't see out— and you forget to look for a door or a window.

I've been thinking about that lately because I've had my head down a bit too much the last few weeks. But when I remember the stars and tree tops and moss and mushrooms, and the incredible stories that set
my mind traveling down strange and wonderful paths, and when I remember God and how He never leaves and is always trustworthy and full of mystery, my little world opens up and I can see out again.

Don't you think that we all tend to look down too much for one reason or another? This week I'm hoping to do a better job of intentionally keeping in mind all those things that are windows to wonder.