Follow Me

The other night I was heading to the store when I saw a whole bunch of police lights flashing up ahead of me. There had been a big car accident and some lanes were blocked. I missed the turn lane I usually get in and had to veer into the next one down the road instead. It was one of those times when traffic is so bad that people stop obeying traffic laws. I had a green arrow but still couldn’t turn because people in the oncoming lanes wouldn’t stop at their red light. I started to feel worried as cars were honking and I heard people yelling. All the lanes were becoming gridlocked. I prayed that I wouldn’t get smashed, and that I’d be able to get through the traffic safely. Right about that moment I noticed a big truck just to my left. The guy driving it was making his way through the traffic that had blocked the intersection. As he drove up beside me, he rolled his window down and I rolled my window down in response. He said, “Follow me through.” As he moved along, cars parted and made a narrow path for him, and he got across the intersection, and I followed him through. 

And I thought how the whole thing reminded me so much of God and of life. When I look back through my life, both in the dark times and the joyful times, it seems to me God has always been saying, “Follow me through.”

~ Amy